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Many leaders are frustrated by failed attempts to patch up persistent issues like employee dissatisfaction, high turnover and dismal exit interviews. Unfortunately, these problems are often symptoms of a more pervasive, underlying cultural issue.

Imagine popping antacids throughout the day to address heartburn, but doing nothing to address your stressful lifestyle. Your condition intensifies and new symptoms compound upon old ones.

Through an in-depth diagnostic assessment, we get to the heart of what’s driving discontent, anxiety, confusion and uncertainty in your organization. With clarity, you can direct resources to the right place at the right time, saving precious time, energy and money.

Can you handle the truth?

As corporate career veterans, we understand that every organization is a diverse ecosystem with its own particular cultural norms and challenges. That’s why canned proposals and pricey, out-of-the box trainings don’t work.

Through objective, detailed research, careful listening, collaboration and honest feedback, we help you successfully steer your organization toward meaningful, lasting transformation.

Create a More Inspiring Culture Now

1) Schedule a free discovery call. We’ll explore your needs and discuss how we can achieve the results you’re seeking.

2) Assess. Through collaborative dialogue, real-time observation and comprehensive research, we deliver a robust report packed with clarifying insights highlighting the real—often surprising—issues hampering your organization’s wellbeing. We’ll also prescribe a realistic and proactive plan to help you move forward.

3) Implement. Following the in-depth assessment, accelerate transformation by contracting with us for practical step-by-step support and accountability each step of the way.

4) Elevate. Transcend status quo ways of operating. By learning how to ask the hard questions and trusting the process, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to independently self-triage issues that come up down the road.

Our Promise to You

We prioritize direct, confidential communication delivered with integrity and trust. We value collaborative working relationships. Through accountability and step-by-step support, you’ll learn how to build a thriving people-centered culture beautifully aligned with your organization’s vision and mission.

 Is Your Organization in Distress?

When an organization experiences changes in leadership, an acquisition, rapid growth or a need to scale back, uncertainty can cripple employee morale and fuel turnover.

A leader, who ignores the symptoms of organizational distress, risks seeing their organization slide more and more out of alignment—deviating from its mission, core values and long-term vision.

The results can devastate your business’s most essential assets—from your inspired achievers and influencers to strategic thinkers and visionaries.

 Symptoms of organizational distress include:

  • Employee dissatisfaction
  • Inability to retain top talent
  • High turnover
  • Low employee morale
  • Negative exit interviews

We Can Help

Maki Moussavi is an executive coach, speaker and author who helps business leaders empower, strengthen and transform their teams. She left the corporate world to help high achievers like herself create lives that align with their personal and career aspirations. With her talent for sizing-up complex situations, Maki offers refreshing, pragmatic insights and a candid communication style that inspires trust.

Liesl Hays is a human resources strategist, entrepreneur and author. For more than a decade, she has partnered with businesses of all sizes to align their human capital needs to drive business strategy. Liesl partners with clients to ask the hard questions, uncover their real pain points and co-create sustainable solutions that actually solve client issues. She runs on coffee, “to-do” lists and the belief that exit interviews don’t lie—you’re just not listening.

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